Rules of Engagement

Participating Online

An online course is a very different environment than a classroom-based learning experience. In some ways it is more difficult as you are even more on your own time in your own place, and you must carve out the opportunity to participate. I have structured this course to be as engaging and salient as possible, while allowing you to grow in terms of your educational understandings and practices. The structure itself is intended to allow you to collaboratively engage in meaning making through the readings and experiences of the course and to help you grow as an educator.

We will be using the online course system Schoology ( One advantage of Schoology is that conversations are threaded, that is, you can reply directly to a peer's or professor's comment. This allows for a much more organized and effective online discussion. Not only are you expected to contribute your own thoughts, ideas, questions, and interpretations, you are expected to respectfully respond to and ask questions of your peers’ thoughts, ideas, questions, and interpretations. I will be a participant as well to help facilitate the discussion.

In order to join the course on Schoology, sign up for an account at You will be receiving a separate document that provides more detailed instructions. Once you sign up for an account, or if you already have an account, use the following access code:


You are expected to share the artifacts you create for the Introductory Performances and Reflection Performances with your peers through the discussion board on Schoology. If there is a particular artifact you do not wish to share with your peers, please send me an email and we will discuss this. These artifacts are conversation starters and triggers for learning as much as they are a way for you to individually make your tacit knowledge explicit and reflect on your learning. Once you submit your artifact, you will be expected to engage in discourse with others about these artifacts. You are also encouraged to consider how you would modify your artifact based on the conversation.

Submitting Your Artifacts

You will be required to use TaskStream to submit your performances. Your subscription is included in your tuition. The self-enrollment code for this course is:


For more information, visit

As a professional courtesy to yourself, your professor, and your classmates, it is important to submit assignments on time on the due date. All stages of the Culminating Performance are due in Task Stream before 11:59pm. It is best not to wait until the Very Last Minute to submit artifacts.

I completely understand that life happens and emergencies, illnesses, and other situations come up when you least want them to. If you are involved in an emergency, illness, or situation, please inform me via email as soon as possible, preferably before the due date, and we can discuss an extension. I also understand that things may happen on the date an assignment is due, so every student in EDUC6811 has a "Things Happen Buffer." You have 24 hours after the due date to contact me via email to request an extension because of an emergency, illness, or situation, although the sooner you contact me the better.